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Sawgrass Sunset in mauve and deep green
Strata I & II Diptyck, 5' x 7' acrylic on canvas by Mary Ann Haven, available.
Mary Ann In her studio



We can begin again if we have a mind to.

I started painting abstracts later in life when the desire to create more spontaneously could no longer be contained.  When I put aside the planning and constrictions of realistic subjects, space was created allowing me to "be here now" in the inspirational flow.  It took courage, trust and a willingness to witness what surfaced, knowing that it might not be easy to understand or explain.

Being authentic requires the peeling back of layers built up from a lifetime of conformity.  To paint in this manner is truly an ongoing adventure.

I graduated with a BFA in Design from the University of North Texas.

My first two positions in the professional world were as a space planner for

an architectural firm and a commercial furniture specifier. 

From 1986 - 2015 I was self employed as a Working Artist. 

My specialties included:

Hand Painted Signage, Murals & Tromp l'eoil

Custom Layered Plasters and Faux Finishes

Metal Leaf Gilding and Commissioned Art

Up until the Spring of 2021, I had been represented by three different galleries in South Carolina.  After the transformative time of the 2020 pandemic, I decided to pull work back to the studio.  All that time of forced introspection might birth something new, a chance to begin once again. 

A selection of paintings are currently hanging at the Pawley's Island Town Hall in Pawley's Island, South Carolina, and at Tombo Grill, a restaurant on Forest Drive in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Columbia & Pawley's Island,

South Carolina

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