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We can begin again if we have a mind to.

I started painting abstracts later in life when the desire to create more spontaneously could no longer be contained.  When the planning and constrictions of realistic subjects were put aside, space was created for being in the inspirational flow.  It took courage, trust and a willingness to witness what surfaced, knowing that it might not be easy to understand or explain.

Being authentic requires the peeling back of layers built up from a lifetime of conformity.  To paint in this manner is truly an ongoing adventure.

Graduate of the University of North Texas with a BFA in Design

My first positions in the professional world were as a space planner for

an architectural firm and a commercial furniture specifier. 

From 1986 - 2015 I was self employed as a Working Artist. 

My specialties included:

Commissioned Art, Murals & Tromp l'eoil,

Custom Layered Plasters and Faux Finishes

Metal Leaf Gilding and Hand Painted Signage

Up until the Spring of 2021, I had been represented by three different galleries in South Carolina.  After the transformative year of 2020, I decided to pull work back into the studio.  Given half a chance, the year of forced introspection might birth something new.


Where a selection of paintings are currently hanging : 

Pawley's Island Town Hall in Pawley's Island, South Carolina 

Tombo Grill, a restaurant on Forest Drive in Columbia, South Carolina.

Participant in  701 Center for Contemporary Art Open Studios project 2011-2024 Columbia, South Carolina

Juried into 2023 Artfields Regional Competition, Lake City, South Carolina

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