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When the only requirement is to allow inspiration the freedom to express, any idea about the final result is best put aside. 

Surprise is a guarantee.

Paintings in the Subliminal Muse Series are an attempt to describe the mysterious depths as they have been uncovered over this most emotionally intense year of global pandemic.

Deep Blue Reflection 20x24inch original acrylic and caran d'ache on canvas by Mary Ann Haven
Dreams of tropical fruit and flowers, the sweetness of life in humid regions.  The muse peeks out.
Defiantly, the muse survives the white hot heat wave with only the remains of a cold confection.
The Dandelion King represents perseverance and determination.
Perfumed Blossoms wafting thru the breeze on a tropical night.
Aurora Borealis like thoughts spreading out into the cosmos.
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